Agiochook CottageMost of the very old structures were there when Aunt Hettie bought the property in 1889.  The kitchen, small dining room, and two of the bedrooms were added shortly thereafter.


Agiochook CottageSeptimus Denison had the building we all called “the big dining room” built in 1900.  The veranda around it was also built then.  Septimus didn’t put a second story on the structure because he didn’t want to hear anyone’s footsteps above him… disturbing his concentration at the card table.  Also part of family lore was that the ceiling of that building was built up so high so that no one could get up into the attic and be able to look at his cards.




Boats were stored in the "big dining room" over the winter.  It was always a big project to bring them up from the Lake when we closed up for the winter.


I remember kerosene lamps, outhouses (one for men…one for women), the wood stove, the pie safe to keep vegetables away from the raccoons, the block of ice Ray Campbell would bring to put into the top of the refrigerator, radios with batteries, lots of flashlights and candles, the pump in the kitchen…we were all so self sufficient back then!



Agiochook kitchenEvery Sunday, we would go to the Bay for an extended visit.  Then, we would return to Agiochook where my grandmother would have prepared a large Sunday lunch on the wood stove which we ate in the small dining room off the kitchen.


Agiochook - Judy's bedroom - 1967I spent my summers there until I was 21.  By then, we had a propane gas stove and fridge.